Skating competition protocols

Competiton Name   When happened     Where      Judging system    
old protocolsbefore 2009mainly Riga6.0not avialable ATM
OZO Winter Cup 200927-29.11.2009Ozolnieki Ice Hall6.0, GoEProtocols
Tukums Cup 201123-24.04.2011Tukums Ice Hall6.0, GoEProtocols
Tukums Cup 201108-09.10.2011Tukums Ice HallGoEProtocols
Ventspils Perle 201128-30.10.2011Ventspils Olympic CenterGoEProtocols
Latvian Championships 2011/201217-18.12.2011LSA Ice HallGoEProtocols
Katrina Cup 201221.04.2012Tukums Ice Hall6.0, GoEProtocols
Akademijas ledus halles kauss 201219.05.2012LSA Ice HallGoEProtocols
Tukums Cup 201206.10.2012Tukums Ice Hall6.0, GoEProtocols
Latvian Championship 201229-30.12.2012LSA Ice HallGoEProtocols
Katrina Cup 201313-14.04.2013Tukums Ice Hall6.0, GoEProtocols
Tukums Cup 201323-24.11.2013Tukums Ice Hall6.0, GoEProtocols
Latvian Championship 201306-08.12.2013Jelgava Ice HallGoEProtocols
3rd Jurmala Open Championship12-13.04.2014Majori Ice HallGoEProtocols
Katrina Cup 201419-20.04.2014Tukums Ice HallGoEProtocols
Tukuma Cup 201422-23.11.2014Tukums Ice HallGoEProtocols
Latvian Championship 201413-14.12.2014Tukums Ice HallGoEProtocols
Burvigas Slidas 201528.02-01.03.2015Daugavpils Ice HallGoEProtocols
4th Jurmala Open Championship04.04.2015Majori Ice HallGoEProtocols
Katrina Cup 201525-26.04.2014Tukums Ice HallGoEProtocols
Tukuma Cup 201528.11.2015Tukums Ice HallGoEProtocols
Ice prince and princess 201505.12.2015Daugavpils Ice HallGoEProtocols
Latvian Championship 201512-13.12.2015Volvo Ice Hall, RigaGoEProtocols
Magic Skates 201626.02-27.02.2016Daugavpils Ice HallGoEProtocols
Katrina Cup 201623.04.2016Tukums Ice HallGoEProtocols
Ice Prince and Princess 201605.11.2016Daugavpils Ice HallGoEProtocols
Latvian Championship 20162-4.12.2016Ventspils Olympic CenterGoEProtocols

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